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If you want to subscribe to PROFISEER, check out our list of available manufacturers below, and sign up today, getting your username and password to start learning a new way of doing business.  Then, save money when you sign up for our special introductory 3 month subscription at $99.95 (a 33% savings) and see for yourself how much time you've saved.  After that, continue to save by getting 2 free months with an annual subscription, or re-subscribe for another 3 months at the regular rate of $149.85. . . . Get Started Right Away!

Call us at 828-593-8389 or email us at for details on signing up. Our CONACT page shows  where you can send your check for your subscription of choice.

Manufacturer's catalogs currently under subscription:

Medallion Cabinetry
Designers Choice
Touchstone Fine Cabinetry
Jay Rambo Co.
Woodharbor - (Breeze Series only)
Designers Choice
Kitchen Craft
Showplace Wood Products

And we're ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE. Tell us which manufacturers YOU want!

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