"I have been using Norm's pricing tools for several years (maybe 8 years) to give my customer's a starting point.  However, I have only been using the newest version of Profiseer for about 4 months.   I don't know how your market is doing but ours is starting to pick up and so are my quotes and the need for qualifying tools.  I figured I needed to get on-board and learn this version before I am too busy to learn because it really cuts a lot of work out in the beginning.  Norm has been great to work with and very helpful in training me to learn how to use.  I think Profiseer is great in that I can give my customer a reliable quote in just a matter of minutes.  They have something they can leave with and in the past I have had very good success with them returning to continue the process.  I have found that the Profiseer quotes are within 2-5% of what the actual cost ends up being once the actual pricing is done."



Asheville, NC


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