Cabinet Budgeting with Profiseer

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Try budgeting with PROFISEER today, before you waste any more time on designs that may never materialize.


The Profiseer Sales Process



  1. 1- Meet with your perspective client
  2. 2- Gather details:  floor plan footprint, door style, wood species, finishes & “wish list”
  3. 3- Build rapport
  4. 4- Educate them on all of their choices and requests
  5. 5- While you’re meeting, use PROFISEER to provide a close estimate of cost for their selections
  6. 6- Refine that estimate based on changes or budgetary concerns
  7. 7- Collect a design retainer 


  1. 1- Present your Design and Proposal
  2. 2- Close the sale!


In 5 minutes, you can give your client a reliable budget, then collect a retainer and seal the deal. THEN spend your time designing and pricing for an actual client.

You can even create a countertop estimate if you like. PROFISEER can show your client the price range for different countertop materials. It will save you valuable time giving budget figures to your spec builders as well!

Try PROFISEER today... before you waste any more time on designs that may never materialize. Check out our comparison of:

Profiseer vs. Status Quo (pdf)

    "It's about time"

Who Are We

Headracket Technologies, LLC launched its cloud-based qualifying program in 2009 for kitchen designers, to effectively and efficiently estimate or "qualify" customers quickly, in order to make the most efficient use of their time. Market demand was great when Profiseer was being developed, but in today's business climate, the increased demand to meet sales goals, makes qualifying even more critical.

We have found it to be a necessary tool in our daily sales and design routine. It virtually eliminates the requirement to design prior to being awarded the job. . . . or at least before collecting a deposit.

Imagine that!

With a combinded 3 years in the kitchen & bath business, we know what it takes to come up with an accurate estimate to qualify a client.  Simply quoting lineal footage costs, doesn't provide adequate information that today's educated clients require, to make an informed decision.  Design complexity must figure into the equation, and Profiseer gives the designer that power.

Thank you for taking a look at our product.


Norm Coleson   President, CEO

Leslie Christoffel, CKD  Vice President


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